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Bed bugs

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

As a trained pest technician I encounter all sorts of pest issues, I will try and pass on some information and practical advice. This month we are looking at bed bugs and how not to bring them home when you stay away.

Bed bugs are one of the vampire species of the insect world these are nasty little critters; a thing nightmares are made of. Almost eradicated from the UK they are now back in force. With the increase in travel, more hotel stays and more use of second hand furniture bed bugs are more common than ever.

Bed bugs are small reddy brown apple pip sized insects that crawl around on well formed legs, they lay two or three eggs a day, a female bug can lay 500 in her life time so an infestation untreated can grow very quickly. Their feeding bites can cause itching and secondary infections. In my experience during the day they will hide in small groups in the corners of beds, mattresses, headboards, cupboards and other furniture near the bed and come out at night to feed on their victim. They will usually hide within one metre of the source of their food.

Signs to watch for are blood spots, and blood smears on bedding, mattresses and furniture. Always check your hotel room before unpacking, never put cases under the bed or within one metre of the bed, further away if possible. Check the corners of drawers and cupboards and the floor edges before putting your clothes in the drawers and cupboards, if you see any signs do not stay in that room or one either side. A quick check could save you a large amount of money and many sleepless nights.

Avoid second hand furniture, furniture is a frequent source of bed bugs, you only need one bed bug to start a problem. Treatment is difficult and involves careful vacuuming, steam cleaning, heat treatment, and then chemicals and may need to be done a number of times and may also mean throwing away furniture.

Don’t have nightmares, sleep well.

Next month we will be looking at bumble bees and honey bees as a pest and how you can avoid them and the process of dealing with them. Call us for free advice on any pest issue if you need to, see our advert for details.

Andy - First Choice Pest Control Ltd

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